This is blog was originally created by Matthew Shaffer. I started this blog years ago, in a previous career, as a way of forcing myself to think through interesting ideas, debate them with my friends, and provide (I hoped) some useful resources for people Googling the topics I wrote about.

I’m currently a doctoral student at Harvard Business School, and planning to pursue a research career in business-school academia afterwards. I haven’t had time to keep up with this blog during my doctoral program, and doubt that I will in the future. But I’m leaving it up for curious Googlers. It still gives me satisfaction to check the blog stats every few months and find that someone has found some use for it.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I’m an avid reader of your blog.
    I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and I’m very much interested in pursuing my interest in Economics to the Masters level.
    I would like some insight on how the M.A in Economics compares to the M.Sc in.Economics, and if you’ll advice that I take up an offer of admission to study for the M.A.
    Thank you.

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